New Designs – *Updated*

I’ve been busy recently designing new routes, to be made into #Teatowels, #Prints, #totes, #Cards, #Aprons & #Mugs. Each printed material poses its own interesting challenges. I’m always on the lookout to design new routes, but they do take a while to plan and get to the printing stage.

Designs have been started on the following:

Edinburgh Designs:

  • Galleries Bus (free transport linking the National Gallery, Portrait Gallery & Modern Art Galleries)
  • #28 Bus Direct to the Botanic Gardens
  • Museums bus route #35
  • #Edinburgh Zoo bus – two here: the #26 Murrayfield that goes past the Zoo & the internal Landrover / trailer that takes one to a high-point of the Zoo on Corstorphine Hill, allowing people to walk back down past the enclosures).
  • #Water of Leith
  • #Marchmont – Nos, 41 & 24 completed and proving popular.
  • Newington – including the Blackford Pond & Observatory.
  • Borders Railway – 
  • #GlasgowSubway – complete* this one & really like the orange result!
  • London Bridge Bus
  • #Newcastle bridges route Q1 complete MUG*/ Q2 – TO DO –
  • A68 Scottish Borders
  • A7 Scottish Borders
  • Musselburgh
  • Prestonpans


And plenty more besides :

If you have suggestions on which route you would like to see illustrated, please comment or send me an email with a brief reason why and which landmarks / areas etc., you would like to see included.

I welcome work on commission pieces… 🙂

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