Welcome to my website. I am a Designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 
**(Apologies for my lack of new designs this past few years. I had a Brain Haemorrhage and being pretty young it was a big shock. I've been very lucky and recovering well, trying to get back into creating new designs. Thanks to everyone for buying my work, supporting my designs, and lending me positive energy it really is appreciated). **

Border Railway design. map design showing the route of the Scottish Borders Railway and the route it takes from Edinburgh to Tweedbank in the Scottish Borders. Lots of landmarks and buildings, shops and animals highlighted along the way !

My illustration of the Scottish ‘Borders Railway’ (above) is a playful collection of different highlights along the Borders Railway route. I pick out landmarks, shops, places of interest and insert characters or animals of note in there too!

My mapping designs contain lots of ‘local knowledge’ but the design doesn’t suffer if someone doesn’t know the finer details of a place’s history – but fun to find out as you go!

I also designed a Steam-train version of this design which immediately conjures Harry Potter imagery as similar to the Hogwarts Express scenes in the films. sometimes there are trips along the route and trains and carriages are provided by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SPRS) and one i saw and drew – the A4 Pacific locomotive No. 60009 Union of South Africa (sadly now retired and heading for a museum) I have screen-printed the Green engine atop this design for customers in the past. Hope you like my design approach!

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